About Me

I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas.  I am the mom of two amazing children.  My oldest, Rylee, will be twenty this summer.  She will be a Senior Business Marketing and Management major at Oklahoma State University.   My youngest, Cutter, is fifteen.  He will be a Sophomore at Wylie High School in the Fall.  He keeps me busy with all his sporting events and teenage adventures. 

Beeline Box has been spreading kindness since August 2020.  It started as a way to keep me busy when my daughter left for college, but has since been an exciting avenue for me to let my creativity flow.  I believe the pandemic has drastically changed the world we live in.  It has shaken us to the core.  I pray that it has slowed you down a little, and helped you smell the roses.  I hope it has reminded you to be kind, and to help fill the gap when possible.  Tomorrow isn't promised, so remind the ones you love how special they are!  

Rachel Keesee